Tiny Awards

The 2023 - and inaugural - edition of Tiny Awards is now over, and the winner is... Rotating Sandwiches, by Lauren Walker!

CONGRATULATIONS, LAUREN! Rotating Sandwiches is small, fun, pointless, playful, whimsical, silly and lovely, all of the qualities we wished to embody with these awards — it is a worthy winner.

We have been overwhelmed by the response to our Tiny idea - over 300 websites submitted, over 1500 votes, and countless links and Tweets (X-eets?) and newsletter posts and online mentions — and wanted to again take a moment to thank mmm.page for providing the perfect home, and our esteemed selection panel, and Matt Klein at ZINE, for all their help.

We wanted to share the full list of nominees with you, because we think every single link submitted should be celebrated — so if you click here, you can find a list of all the submitted urls which are a dizzying snapshot of the boundless creativity and artistic endeavour (and, occasionally, silliness) of the web (and, by extension, the people who make it).

Thanks to every single person who engaged with these awards in any way — we kiss your collective faces.

The Tiny Awards will return in 2024, but, until then, let's just enjoy some gently rotating bread-based snacks and glory in the beauty and small majesty of the Tiny web.


Kristoffer and Matt

Source: Hilda Motion
Source: Hilda Motion

“I'm thrilled to win and one of the best things about winning Tiny Awards is getting to explore the sites created by all the other nominees — every finalist embodies the vision of a smaller, more curious, more surreal web so many people my age feel has been lost.”

— Lauren Walker


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Is there an award?

The eventual winner, as determined by the selection committee and subsequent public voting, will receive a one-off prize of $500 USD, and a physical trophy engraved with their name which can be displayed in pride of place in a suitable location or alternatively sold on eBay.

What are the criteria?

To be eligible for selection, projects must meet the following criteria:

✺ Non-commercial: projects must not be intended for commercial end; projects which feature some sort of merchandise/donation mechanic are eligible, but this must be secondary to the project’s primary scope/focus

✺ URL-based: projects must exist on their own, unique URL 

✺ Desktop AND mobile: projects must work across both desktop and mobile web

✺ No apps/downloads: projects that exist as apps and/or require a download are excluded from selection

✺ No agencies or brands: individuals or groups of creators only

✺ Launched between 06/22-06/23

Why are you doing this?

The web is big. Really, really, really big. Huge, really, if you think about it. Maybe even infinite. 

Despite this vastness, though, it can often feel…oddly small. How many websites do you visit each day? How many apps? How often do you stumble across something beautiful or poignant or emotional or unexpected? Do you find yourself startled and amazed by human creativity and endeavour on a daily basis? Or, more likely, do you wearily trudge across the same landscape of urls and social icons, drinking from the algorithmically-mandated firehose without ever really feeling sated (or even, frankly, tasting anything)?

Does your online experience feel, basically, simultaneously TOO SMALL and yet TOO BIG, monolithic and lacking in magic?

Too often, it feels very much like ours does -, which is why we wanted to create something that celebrates the other web, the one that is small and handmade and isn’t trying to sell you anything or monetise anything but which instead is about people using the digital tools we all have access to to make the sorts of small, personal experiences that you tend not to see ‘in feed’. 

These, then, are the inaugural (and maybe final, who knows?) Tiny Awards - a celebration of people making stuff on the internet for the fun of it and the love of it and the hell of it.

How is this website made?

Anything else?

Email us at [email protected].

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